Our Story

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside

We all love frites

Hi, welcome to Frites33, our first store has opened in Nottingham, and the vision to spread the word of the Belgian frite on your high street is our aim.

It’s not just about the amazing freshly twice fried frite but the unbelievable 33 sauce and 10 spice mix station, that gives an explosion on your taste buds.

Pop in for a taste of fresh frite heaven. You know your taste buds are going to love it.

What are Belgian Frites?

Belgian frites are not thick and hearty like fish and chip shop chips, nor are they thin and elegant like french pommes allumettes.

They are freshly sourced top grade potatoes, freshly cut and twice fried to make that ultra crisp chip – at least, when fried at a really good Brussels Fritkot – it is compulsively good to eat your frites on the hop.

No wonder the Belgians have the highest consumption of chips in Europe. Plenty of countries include fried potatoes in the national cuisine. But it takes a unique devotion to chips to turn them – as the Belgians do – into a meal all by themselves. And then to add sauce! It’s just glorious!

Our shops will use a vegetable oil mixture that is great for vegetarians and vegans.