Our Story

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside

We all love frites

Hello, and welcome to Frites33, hoping to see you enjoying all of our rich sauces and flavours in one of our neighbouring outlets: Derby and Nottingham.

Frites have blended taste with heritage as we explore new ways to fuse our premium standards with the best tastes the world has to offer.

Whilst Belgian Frites are not the newest addition to the menu, they certainly are the oldest tradition. Ensuring we keep the values first instated over 400 years ago, these Frites are cooked to perfection…twice. They can also be upgraded and modernised, by the inclusion of toppings. Although this may put the 21st-century spin on your meal, it will not take the core heritage out of the Meuse Frite.

Join The Flavour Revolution

Looking to reinstate tradition and cater to the masses, we have expanded the brand and are now situated in Derby, as well as our original Nottingham store. As the world’s cuisines have evolved around us, we are looking to reinforce the original culture of food. In light of this, the newly introduced Pizza menu at Frites33 is inspired by the origins of the dish dating back to 18th century Naples. This makes it an incredible on-the-go snack (or meal…) that combined with our assortment of sauces and condiments can allow our guests to relish in the history of Italy, whilst satisfying their own cravings…

With our most recent venture being into the concept of topped nachos, who’s to say where we will explore next; as we try to reinvent histories most prestige flavours and bring them to the cuisines of 2020…